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Crises communication

Suddenly a reporter or a whole camera team pops up out oft hin air at your fair both, your reception desk or your CEO’s house. Your company logo is all over the newsreel or on the title page of a tabloid. The Board members have to face the press for a statement or the crowd of media people is waiting in front of the court room. 

Crisis communication is a specialized field of public relations. It takes place under very harsh circumstances. A crisis requires analytics, preparation, training and when all hell broke loose -  quick, swift and accurate media responses. 

MEDIA Berlin will get you ready for any potential crisis. We know how to handle the media and the social sphere. We can be your partner in these difficult situations or train you to become a crisis professional yourself. Get your MEDIA Berlin crisis package before your company reputation and your business get in danger.

Our trained and certified communications will figure out guidelines and train your speakers in proven crisis scenarios. Regular trainings make sure that we always stay on top of things when it matters for you.

During a crisis MEDIA Berlin will be your external press office and handle the media, so you are able to handle the situation at hand. With stron algorythms and expertise we screen media and the social sphere to prevent shitstorms before they happen or be at least best prepared when they strike.

We are at your site with statements, darksites, press releases or the swift preperation of an ad hoc press conference, if needed. Our crisis center is available 24/7 in English and German language. 



brand protection

business continuity


it unseren Medientrainings von 18 oder 40 Unterrichtseinheiten behandeln wir Praxisnah Herausforderungen Ihres beruflichen Alltags. Als Tages, Wochen- oder Wochenendseminar bieten wir unsere Trainings auch In-House an. Profitieren Sie vom Expertenwissen unserer didaktisch geschulten und professionellen Trainer.

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